Are you sure you choose what you buy?

Posted on February 15, 2011


I came across a very interesting article* this week that exemplified how reality is often irrelevant when it comes to choosing a product. It shows an experiment in which a blind person, with 2 red nail polishes, asked volunteers to choose which “shade” they liked best. The polish had no labels at the time and the volunteers thought they were being teased to choose between 2 products that were the same. So, the labels were put back on, they have different names, some chose A, some chose B; later the labels were swapped but the volunteers still chose the same as previously, even though the labels had been swapped and they were in fact now choosing the other product.

A very similar occurrence was shown on a TV show – part of Sky’s “Get what you want” series. They did an experiment with wine. They took 2 bottles of the same wine and removed the labels. The presenters then got people to try them but they “informed” the volunteers that the first wine was a mass-produced ‘quaffing’ wine while the second had been organically produced and lovingly hand made by people using traditional methods in a Chateau in France. When they asked people which one tasted the best…the fake “hand made” one won by far.

These 2 examples show how much we are influenced by words,images and therefore brands. So, if you are creating or rebranding your business or even yourself bear in mind that your “label” or logo counts just as much as what you write in your blog, website or CV. And, the next time you are tasting two products it might be worth closing your eyes as the packaging might just trick your taste buds.


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