Luci Rocha

Hello there and welcome to my world!

This blog is about:

General tips for SMEs, project management, and other random stuff I might come across.

This blog is for:

Opinionated and curious people, branding and marketing enthusiasts, SMEs in need of some guidance, new project managers.

Who am I?

100% brazilian who has lived in the UK for a number of years and is now back in Brazil, brought up in a family of entrepreneurs – my mum successfully runs 3 businesses, my Dad has 2, my brother has been bankrupt a few times and I have numerous other relatives who run/have their own small or medium sized enterprises.

I have seen many business fail and succeed around me, and for some reason, thanks to my drive to solve problems, I always seem to end up assisting, as a consultant, SMEs in need of help – be it for family, friends, or through word to mouth recommendations.

I am  also a project manager, expert in asking lots of serarching questions and a good listener, specially when it comes to what people are not saying.

I can be a bit big-headed and strong-minded sometimes but the best way to deal with this is with a sense of humour, making fun of me and telling me to shut up if necessary – didn’t I  just say I am a good listener 😉

I believe I have made a significant contribution everywhere I have worked and that is one of my goals in life: If I cannot contribute I will go somewhere I can.

Dislikes :

  • The sentence “You cannot do this” …my answer always is “why not?” and it will be until they give up and say “yes” 😉
  • People who do not listen (as they are not willing to learn or grow)
  • People who hates things (as intolerance is good for no one)
  • Snakes (as I am scared of these creatures)
  • Raw onions (as they make me cry when cooking and they stink)


So many things I would run out of space to write!

If you are looking for someone determined, helpful, friendly who asks lots of questions and NEVER takes “no” for an answer I am your girl!!!

If you are only looking for a chat I am available too 😉

check me out on my twitter lucirochauk or linked in page

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